Friday, January 27, 2012

Shit Chicagoans Say!

I HAD to share this video because it's hilarious!  I think I have said every saying in this video at least once! I used to live in Wrigleyville, I have more scary train stories than anyone ever should, have been rerouted due to movie shootings nearby, did not have a car for a year, have been by Obama's house 5,000 times and have seen his helicopter come to town, LOVE the Red Eye, hate Walmart, love LSD, think Belmont is the best el stop, know that Groupon is incredible, know how to properly parallel park (tap in front and tap in back), can get in a cab and not put my seat-belt on, Michael Jordon lived in the same city as my old work, and I would never go to Andersonville to hang out.

Most importantly, you NEVER ask for a chocolate milkshake, at night, at The Wieners Circle!!!  NEVER!

Chicago LOVE!

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