Monday, January 23, 2012

Quiet Time

Yesterday I was looking in our church bulletin and saw that a women's group was reading, How Big Is Your God.  I decided to buy it and attend the February discussion.  I ordered it YESTERDAY and it was on my doorstep TODAY!  What service!

It's written by an Indian (from India) Jesuit Priest and I want to slowly read through it so I can journal and think through it  more.  The introduction talked about knowing your God.  After thinking, I decided that my God is loving, constantly there for me, and extremely patient.  The first chapter talked about experiencing God and viewing ourselves as a child of God.

I think I feel closest to God when I make time for quiet time in nature.  I enjoy reading the Bible and other spiritual books, praying, journaling and just thinking.  Maybe this summer I can find  a nice quiet and safe place for me to go for some solo time.  My favorite place in the ENTIRE world for solo time is on the hill at Spring Hill camp in Evart, MI.  I cannot express how beautiful it is to be sitting on a hill surrounded by long grasses and an occasional tree for shade.  It's breathtaking!

The pics below are from Kalamazoo, MI, but remind me of "the hill" at Spring Hill <3

I think seeing myself as a child of God is difficult at times.  I went through a lot as a kid that makes that part difficult but I think that being a child of God means 1) that you are loved no matter what and 2) that you are need to act like it to show people Jesus.  People often hate Christians because they think they are fake when really we are all trying our best to act like Jesus, but it's SO incredibly difficult.

Sometimes it's nice to just have quiet time to think and journal <3  My cat seemed to like it too!

LUV her!

Love you all!  Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

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