Saturday, July 21, 2012

I  moved this blog b/c I like wordpress better!  The new blog will combine having fun in the city with food, fitness, and other things in my life as a 20 something :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dinner with Clara!

For dinner, another of Clara's recipes...


Peppers and Eggs

While watching Mildred Pierce I decided to google cooking in the depression and came across a webseries with a 96 year old woman cooking depression era food!  Along the way she shares her memories of the depression.
So of course... I decide to make one of her meals for breakfast this morning.  I prepared peppers and eggs served on toast with a thin slice of provolone cheese on top.  What a healthy meal!

peppers and onions = 6
1 egg = 80
Toast = 100
Ultra Thin Cheese = 40

224 calories for the whole breakfast and I could cut down a lot more cals using different bread.  It's quite good although I wouldn't have it for lunch like she did!  We'll see how long it stays with me but 13g protein and 7g fiber it should do pretty well at keeping me full :)