Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mixin' Things Up!

I had a fun WW meeting on Wednesday!  We were so chatty that we never even got to the topic of the week.  One guy said something that I thought was interesting.  He said that when he started WW he would pack for the week.  He would make the same lunch x 5 and store it in the fridge or freezer.  After awhile he started to mix things up and he tried never to repeat things.  This made eating fun for him and he also said he would like to think that he was constantly tricking his body.  One day he would have more points than he was supposed to, the next day less, etc.  Some days he would eat a lot in the morning and other days he ate his biggest meal at lunch.

I thought this week I would try to switch things up a bit too and get out of my routine.  Today I had my lunch for breakfast, my breakfast for lunch, ate two snacks (normally I don't snack), and made a super yummy egg scramble for dinner.

One amazing thing I discovered today that I now LOVE are bagel thins.  Take 1 bagel thin, top the halves with 1 wedge of Laughing Cow (any flavor), and top each half with one sliced tomato.  That's two veggie servings and amazing goodness!  The whole bagel prepared this way is 4 points+.

For dinner I prepared one amazing bagel thin and a Mexican Egg Scramble.  The recipe is below:

On the stove heat up some sliced orange, green, red, and yellow peppers along with 2 spoonfuls of Trader Joe's Hot Salsa (in tubs near the hummus).  After the veggies have cooked a bit, mix in 2 eggs and 3 T. of egg whites.  Scramble as always and towards the end add in 1/4 cup of TJ's light Mexican cheese.  6 points+ and SUPER filling!!!

10 Points+ for the whole meal :)

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