Saturday, December 3, 2011

This Woman is on Weight Watchers!

8:30am Breakfast
Started off the day with 27 points.
Peanut Butter and Banana Toast with Lemon Water to drink 4+

11:00 Gym
10 minutes speed walking on the treadmill, lifted heavy upper and lower body, and did 10 minutes speed walking on the treadmill.  I earned 2 activity points to add to my weekly cushion of 45 points :)

1:00pm Lunch
Black Bean Burrito with Popcorn and Green Tea 9+

5:30 Dinner
Out to dinner and an awesome concert with my boyfriend!  3 slices of toast with spinach artichoke dip, 2 slices of Giordanos Super Veggie Pizza (minus olives) with a glass of water with lemon 18+ (If that.  The pizza slices were small and loaded with veggies!).  I used 4 points from my weekly allowance too since I went a bit over.  I have 45 left to use up between now and Friday if I want extra treats :)

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