Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Lunch- Brown Rice 'Risotto Style' and Roasted Asparagus :)

After a crazy blizzard and two days off of work, I had plenty of time this weekend to whip up some new recipes.  The blizzard kept me cooped inside and I got many of my normal "weekend chores" done early!  Below is my favorite pic of the storm... luckily I do not have a car!


Thursday night I was finally able to dig myself out and attend a cooking class at my local Whole Foods store.  The class was led by Amanada Skrip and focused on grains.  I learned a lot of good recipes that I'm not sure I would be daring enough to try without Amanda showing us how to whip them up.  What I liked best was that she was close to my age and seemed to understand cooking for one or two and cooking on a budget because all her ideas on using grains seemed pretty fast and easy!

Today for lunch I whipped up a brown rice dish that we learned how to make and also roasted some asparagus that I got on sale for a side dish.  It was a yummy lunch for a cold winter day :)  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!  Buckle up for the super bowl tomorrow!!!

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